Parts of the USA sound just like the Third World

I was struck by the “celebrations” to usher in the New Year in some of America’s largest cities.  They might as well have been firefights, to judge by the noise.  Here, for example, is Detroit, Michigan.

And in Chicago:


An unnamed city in Kentucky:

I could go on, but why bother?  It was that way in many cities across the country, and many casualties resulted.

This is how Third World people behave.  They have no self-control, don’t care (don’t even think about) the possibility that their actions may have consequences, and act on impulse.  They use whatever tools are to hand to celebrate or protest something.  As Abraham Maslow famously said, “If you only have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail”.  If the most important thing in someone’s life is their gun, they use it as an adjunct for almost everything else.

We’ve done a terrible job of educating and socializing our inner-city youth.  They may be the ones behaving like this, but it’s a ghastly judgment on the Great Society programs and their successors that in almost seven decades, this is the fruit they’ve produced.



  1. Our enemies have carefully cultivated the garden over generations to grow precisely this fruit. It's not an accidental by-product.

  2. Perhaps it is the fault of the educations system, but I think moreso the demise of the family caused by the Welfare system in general, and simply culture in the case of some races.

    Lack of fathers is what causes this.

  3. I've spent a lot of time in Wisconsin, where the two big political actors are… the Wisconsin Education Association and ..the Tavern League. Despite the issues of alcohol, I have long figured that WEA did more damage than the Tavern League ever could.

  4. An expected outcome of encouraging tribalism. In the inner city, a pistol bullet will out range the spread of ones tribe (family) thus posing no threat to them and a modest random threat to outlying tribes. Win-win.

  5. Don't kid yourself; those are Turd World peoples doing that.
    We've imported them here, legally and illegally, by the tens of millions for 50 years.

    Choices, meet Consequences.

  6. What Billlllllllllll and Aesop said. The same jerks that do this carp are the ones who base their existence, in their inner-city hellholes, upon tribal lines, as one would find in a 'Turd World.'

    These are the 'children' that the Boy Scouts was originally aimed at fixing and introducing to the 'country.' Though I can't imagine taking most inner-city yutes anywhere past the suburban dividing line.

    Need to teach these jackanapes the proper use of blanks.

  7. Beans: No, it's time to teach these jackanapes the proper use of BRAINS. Not sure it is possible, however. At the least, in their "thinking" den dey jus be accin' white, Yo.

  8. bart: Blanks can be the 'gateway drug' (to reference the whole next post and comments on this blog) to activating brain activity. Unless the dumb-bunnies do a Brandon Lee and put the blank firing gun to their head and pull the trigger (which, well, then removes them from ever mistaking blanks and live rounds ever again….)

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