Performance art with a real twist to it!

I had to laugh at the sad (?) news of an injury to a member of an Australian comedy team known as “Puppetry of the (male organ)“.  The actual word used has been censored due to the family-friendly nature of this blog.

A member of the Puppetry of the ***** duo has suffered a testicle injury with a corkscrew during a performance.

David Friend is the creator of the naked comedy group and hurt himself at a show at the Adelaide Fringe Festival on Wednesday night.

Friend was doing an act known as ‘The Bulldog’ when he sat on a woman’s lap in the crowd.

She had been on a winery tour earlier that day and had a corkscrew in her pocket.

The City reported that Friend’s testicle ‘turned a deep shade of purple’ with doctors advising him to rest for a week.

There’s more at the link.

I don’t see how that portion of anatomy lends itself to “puppetry”.  In any event, it wasn’t only wine that got corked that night!  Talk about a screwball injury . . .


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