Perhaps Charlotte police might want to borrow the idea?

In April this year, actress Emma Thompson joined a group of anti-fracking protesters in England to hold a demonstration in a farmer’s field.  A court injunction barred them from doing so, but that didn’t stop them.

Furious at being prevented from working his land by the illegal demonstration, the farmer came up with a novel method of retaliation.

I wonder if Charlotte police could use that idea for riot control?  It might be a bit odiferous, but it might also disperse a mob quicker than almost anything else!  I’m sure there are local farmers who’d be delighted to assist, and those arrested for rioting could help with the cleanup . . .



  1. Caning (being beat with a cane, not "being put in a can" or "being forced to can your own vegetables"). Nothing makes people change their mind about being in a riot than caning. That's the problem with our justice system right now. There is no fear of getting caught for minor offenses. It is all catch and release. no one pays any real consequences and no personal consequences.

  2. I always thought if I had to run one of those gauntlets the DemProgs were putting up for Trump supporters, it would be good to have a can of deer lure, the gel kind. Just spray their clothes and avoid issues with the mist.

  3. I am with Old NFO water cannons at 150-200PSI with a stink agent, dye and foam. Hard to walk when you are wet, stinky, dyed and falling down by slipping in foam.

  4. If you are trespassing what do you expect? The guy to come out with hot tea and crumpets?

    Too bad he didn't have his manure spreader full of dyes cause he could always say he was trying out an idea for the Hindi celebration of Holi.

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