Perhaps they’re just tired of life?

I’m more than a little mind-boggled by this video clip of two mountain bikers in Utah making their way down some of the mountains and hills of that State.

I can only assume that the thrills are worth it to them . . . although whether or not their parents and loved ones would agree is another matter entirely!



  1. Life without thrills, that are caused by dangerous situations, is life not worth living. I can attest to that, I have led an interesting life.

  2. Isn't that an ancient chinese curse? May you lead an interesting life.

    But yeah, I've had plenty of thrills myself. From downhill skiing and snowboarding, to mountain climbing, riding crotch rockets off-road, etc

    And I'm a scuba diving instructor, after that became my favorite, though it's not(when all goes well) an adrenaline rush, at it's best it's exploration, wonder and calm. It's probably the closest you can get to being a space traveler and meeting alien species. Exploring "inner space".

  3. I was expecting an episode of "Stupid Middle School Tricks," but I'm actually impressed by the skill and precision they showed.

    And I'm a little dizzy.

  4. Wow… Looking at the 'trail' it's obvious that is not the first time they've ridden that, but one wrong move would be BAD…

  5. *nod* I had a housemate who was both really into downhill mountain bike racing, and made downhill mountain bikes. (Best fabricator I know. I really learned quite a bit living with him. Some days, I wish I still did.)

    This is actually fairly tame compared to some of the courses I've seen. And the bikes have tremendous amounts of suspension travel. Up to 20 inches front and rear. So you can take a pretty good drop and come out of it ok. And, well, yeah. They do get banged up quite a bit. He had some exciting road rash (or, uh, mountain rash, I guess) at times.

  6. I guess I'm old. Many years ago I might have said "looks like fun" but now it just looks like a LONG way down with one mistake.

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