Perhaps we need a Lemon Law for the “woke” news media?

Many states in the USA have so-called “Lemon Laws“.  These provide that if a consumer item (typically a car, etc.) fails to meet normal standards of quality and performance, the purchaser can return it to the vendor for a more satisfactory replacement or a full refund.

After this public display of scorn and derision by CNN pundit Don Lemon and his guests (frequent CNN contributor Wajahat Ali and former Republican strategist Rick Wilson) the other night, perhaps we need to expand Lemon Laws to deal with his ilk, too.

Mr. Lemon tried to defend himself and his guests last night, but in a fashion I can only describe as unconvincing.

The sheer, naked contempt on display in that excerpt boggles the mind, but it’s nothing new.  That’s the attitude the progressive, far-left-wing of US politics has adopted towards President Trump’s supporters since before his election (typified by Hillary Clinton’s ‘basket of deplorables’ speech in 2016, and her pseudo-apology for it the following day).  The “woke” brigade and their ilk really believe that anyone and everyone who supports President Trump and/or his policies is ignorant, biased, mentally retarded and stupid beyond redemption.  As far as they’re concerned, anything goes to get rid of President Trump, and they’re more than willing to ride roughshod over the views of his supporters to undo what they see as the “damage” he’s done to America.

(For a current view of precisely what that attitude implies, see what the newly Democratic Party-dominated government of the state of Virginia is doing in its attacks on the Second Amendment and firearms rights.  Despite a massive demonstration in Richmond last weekend, and declarations by more than 90% of the state’s counties that they are ‘Second Amendment sanctuaries’, the state government is ramming through anti-gun laws, rules and regulations as fast as it can.  They don’t care that a huge proportion of their state is opposed to such measures.  They want them, and as far as they’re concerned, anyone opposed to them is stupid, ignorant and unworthy of acknowledgment.  Therefore, they’re going to enact those laws, then come after anyone who dares disobey them.)

I wasn’t surprised by the views of Mr. Lemon and his guests.  However, I was surprised to see them so blatantly on display.  Those on the left who are more in the public eye have learned to be more circumspect in letting their true views become known, because they don’t want to alienate part of the electorate.  I suppose, since none of those involved are running for office, they felt ‘safe’ in taking off their masks and revealing what they truly felt.

One hopes that the average Mr. or Mrs. or Miss America will take note of what was said, and the attitudes on display, and vote accordingly in November 2020.  I certainly shall.



  1. Hey Peter;

    I heard from several sources that Trump 2020 should use this as a political commercial, it exemplifies the attitude toward "middle America". This is dangerous, because once you have convinced yourself and your "followers" that people that don't agree with you are 2nd class citizens. It is far easier to shove them into camps for reeducation or other things. Why do I keep getting images of"The Hunger Games". Where the outlying provinces provide for the glittering city and they are rode roughshod in the process.

  2. I am unconvinced that a 'Lemon Law' is a good idea in this instance; there's that pesky First Amendment, after all. This is not to say that they should not face repercussions for their calumnies. The wokescolds like to mewl, 'Words have consequences,'; let's see how they like it when the clog is in the other foot.

  3. It' almost like they hate anyone who disagrees with them.

    And that's the thing right there. Conservatives might not like leftists, but they'll deal with them fairly. Leftists actively hate conservatives and will do anything to ruin them.

    And, yes, Mr. Garabaldi, it is the "Hunger Games." I've used that analogy when talking to the local socialists and you can see them try to not deny the analogy.

  4. This is pretty typical of the people who live in large cities "up north." We here in Florida constantly are told how they do things "up north" and how those of us down here, being the uneducated southern rubes that we are, should bow down to our more intelligent and more educated northern transplant neighbors.

    My wife, being from New York (state, not city) gets upset that I always complain about "New Yorkers" coming down here and lecturing us about how stupid we are.

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