Personal protection wisdom from Sheriff Jim Wilson

After my extensive coverage in recent months of self-defense issues and personal protection, it’s perhaps inevitable that I’ve received lots of questions about training;  where to get it, who’s a good instructor, and all that sort of thing.  Sadly, I’m only one man in one part of the country.  Apart from the nationally-known schools and instructors, I simply can’t venture an opinion as to which local shooting ranges, classes and teachers are worthwhile.  I usually suggest people ask their local gun shops about that.

However, there are sources online that offer a lot of good, sound common sense.  Some are geared more towards the “operator”, people who practice a lot with their firearms and are willing to put significant time, money and energy into mastering them.  Not all of us are fortunate enough to be able to do that;  so what are good resources “regular people” can use?

I’m going to mention a few of them over coming weeks, Web sites where you’ll find consistently good advice that will prove valuable and useful.  Today I’d like to point you to the blog of Sheriff Jim Wilson.  He’s long retired from law enforcement, but he’s been writing and teaching for decades on the subject of personal defense and security.  You’ll find a great selection of material in his blog archives.  For example, recent posts include:

Follow each link to find the article concerned.  Also, spend a while going through his blog, clicking the “Older Posts” link at the foot of each page.  You’ll find a whole lot of very useful material and good sound common sense.  Highly recommended reading.


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  1. I used to follow Greg Ellifritz (of Active Response Training, and an active police officer) on Facebook. I once asked him if he knew of a good shotgun instructor near Houston, and he said one of the best, Brian Hoffner, operates a training academy near Houston, TX. Here was his web site:

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