Phlegmfest is rolling right along

Phlegmmy‘s annual blogger gathering continues, with much fun (and good food and drink) being enjoyed by all.  Ambulance Driver and his lady have joined us, as have FarmMom and FarmDad, to everyone’s pleasure.  Little groups keep forming for conversations, adjusted and augmented as members join them or leave to flit over to another group.  Coffee and tea are in constant demand this morning, and bottles wait in serried ranks on a countertop for later enjoyment.

We gathered at a nearby Cracker Barrel restaurant for breakfast at 9 a.m.   The poor servers were a bit overwhelmed;  it’s Valentine’s Day, after all, so they were expecting a crowd, but to have more than a dozen loud, enthusiastic bloggers demand a shared table was more work than they were expecting.  We ended up with four tables pushed together in two long units, which worked out fine.  By the time we’d finished eating and departed, leaving large tips behind, the morning rush was in full swing.  I suspect we wore out the servers waiting on us even before the rush started!

The rest of the day will be spent socializing as before.  If I can tear myself away, I’ll try to put up another blog post this evening.


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