Pilots say that “Any landing you can walk away from is a good landing”

This one . . . not so much.

On 3 April, a Spanish Air Force EADS Casa C-295 made a very bumpy landing at the airfield of Santa Cilia-Los Pirineos. The aircraft failed to slow down, went of the runway and fell into lower ground.

A total of nine injured people were reported, one of the pilots received severe head injuries.

Here’s video of the landing.  You’ll need to watch in full-screen mode to see any details – the photographer didn’t zoom in on the plane.

It looks like the pilot(s) screwed up big-time.  I haven’t seen pictures of the aircraft after it came to rest, but looking at the way it bounced (torquing the airframe and over-stressing the undercarriage), I suspect it’ll have to be almost completely rebuilt before (if ever) it flies again.  It might be cheaper to simply scrap and replace it.

I’m glad I wasn’t aboard for that landing!



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