Pizza gets complicated sometimes

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The Texas pizza illustration is a dead libel, I’ll have you know.  There are a couple of pizzerias within striking distance of my home where the pizza is to die for.  I don’t know about Boston, though . . . do they serve baked beans with their tacos?



  1. The California pizza is only on fire if you use enough pepper flakes.

    Though I do like jalapenos, artichoke hearts, and garlic slices as toppings.

  2. If'n you're ever in the area try Brothers in Carrollton, I35E and Whitlock. Not sure I'd die for it but we sure go back a lot.
    The German beer on tap ain't bad either, Warstieners.

  3. Most of the pizza I've had in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana has been more like what's shown as the St. Louis pizza than what is shown as the Ohio Valley pizza. The St. Louis description isn't a bad match, either. Thankfully, New York style pizza has made its way into the area. And I have had awesome pizza in Texas – slices of a Texas-sized New York style pizza pie.

  4. Sean, Kentucky and Indiana isn't a complete wasteland for pizza. Indianapolis has a Giordano's, and supposedly one is headed to Louisville as well. That's good Chicago pizza. Louisville also has Impellizari's, which has incredible deep dish pizza. In college at UK, we would drive almost 2 hours to go get pizza there.

    The Lexington area is a bit more sparse. Goodfellas is a decent New York style pizza, and you can get 25" wide pies. Mellow Mushroom is St. Louis style, but it's good (if pricy). A lot of people still like Joe Bologna's for pizza, but I think Joe has gone significantly downhill since 30 years ago.

    Unfortunately, Louisville has inflicted Papa John's on the world. It used to be tolerable, but they changed their sauce around the same time I started my diet. John blamed the NFL, but it was really the lower quality.

  5. No, not a complete wasteland, and it has improved greatly. Cincinnati was pretty bad when I first moved there *cough*cough* years ago, but after a few years we found a few decent places, like Dewey's and Pomodori's. I found a great NY style place in a market in Columbus. And then a number of NY style places (Flying Pizza, Aponte's, Brooklyn Pizza & Pasta, Five Burroughs, etc.) and one New Haven style place (Taft's Brewpourium) opened up in Cincinnati. But all of the good places pizza places are 20-40 minutes drive away, leaving me with only chains or (IMHO, lousy) local pizza joints in delivery range or walking distance. There is even a Goodfellas location here in downtown Cincinnati, and another one about to open – but again nowhere real close to me. So for good pizza a good bit of time is always spent. On the bright side, pizza is one of those foods that reheat well.

  6. All Boston food must contain jimmies.

    Other than that, Boston food is food cooked with the traditional Irish spices: Boiling water and salt.

  7. Boulder CO pizza would be a hard crust covered with a thin skin with nothing of substance inside.

  8. When I lived near Boston about 25 years ago, the Mexican food situation was vile (as an example, Taco Bell counted as a good mid-quality Mexican restaurant). Another good pizza in Texas is Conan's Pizza in Austin – Chicago-style deep dish, and pretty well done.

  9. The Boston Pizza image is a vile calumny :-). I work on North Washington Street in Boston. This is a short distance (3-4 blocks) from Paul Revere's house and the Old North Church. But more importantly the area behind me is the North End. It was taken over by Italian immigrants at the beginning of the century. Trust me they make excellent pizza. Pizzaria Regina was founded in 1926 and is in its original building. Several other Pizzaria exist including Ernesto's. The Boston "pie" is similar to the NYC/New Haven style, cooked directly on the oven floor in an oven either wood or gas fired. Boston Pizza has a slightly thicker crust and more sauce/cheese than a NY pie. Should our host and his lovely lady find themselves in Boston I would be happy to provide a Pizza Tourism service.

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