“Pizza Zen”???

Food for thought?

A new pop-up museum dedicated entirely to pizza will soon hit New York City.

The Museum of Pizza will feature immersive pizza-inspired rooms — like a pizza art gallery, cheese cave, pizza beach, and pizza meditation — as well as exclusive film screenings.

. . .

The Museum of Pizza will run from October 13 through October 28.

There’s more at the link.

According to the museum’s Web site:

Though we’re still finalizing our full range of exhibits, museum goers can expect to be treated to unique and arresting set of installations, including:

  • The Museum of Pizza artists gallery
  • Pizza cave
  • Pizza fun house
  • Pizza beach
  • The interactive history (and untold story) of Pizza
  • “Pizza Zen” sense & sound experience
  • The MoPi Arcade
  • The official MoPi Pizza Films screening room and media lab
  • and more

There’s also a rather NSFW video promoting the forthcoming museum.  Watch it at your own risk!

We recently looked at some rather weird New York City pizzas, but this looks even weirder!  “Pizza meditation”?  “Pizza Zen”?  What is that, precisely?  To paraphrase a well-known Zen koan, “What is the sound of one pizza topping?”

On the other hand, perhaps it’s not all that strange.  Pizza does seem to be almost a religion to some devotees.  I note that an airline will be delivering hot, fresh New York pizza to Los Angeles for a couple of days next week, as part of a special promotion.  I wonder . . . will it be delivered all squashed up from overcrowded cattle-class seating, with a recording (lasting as long as the duration of the flight) of kids screaming and crying in the background, for customers’ listening pleasure while they eat it?



  1. There is a National Mustard Museum and Maple Syrup Museum, so why not pizza? I don't see the point, though.

    The video is NSFW. I don't think it safe for anything.

  2. "It's a pop-up-"

    That's trust fund recipient speak for 'unmarketable'

    …but yeah, it pops up until the board of health comes by.

    …also, there's a dumpster in an alley in Brooklyn between my company's boat dock and the nearest Chinese restaurant. It's our pop-up men's room.

  3. "Pizza Zen" is when the customer asks the pizza parlor to "make me one with everything."

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