Political correctness and gender “neutrality” gone mad!


This report should make any normal parent grit their teeth in frustration.

While attending a training meeting in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, a parent found a urinal in the women’s room of Upper Perkiomen Middle School.

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. I had to check the sign because I thought I was in the wrong bathroom. It’s the first thing you see when you walk in. And, it has a bin for sanitary products disposal in it. I was so mad, I left my training in tears,” the parent told Harrisburg100.

The issue in Montgomery County is not an isolated incident.

The controversy surrounding transgender bathroom rights has swept the nation, and similar conflicts have been occurring in schools throughout Pennsylvania.

. . .

The parent said … their child has complained of being the target of harassment and intimidation by a group of 6th & 7th grade students who identify as “furries.” Furries are kids who believe they are animals.

According to the New York Times, furries are a myth. However, a different story is told by teachers, students, and parents in central Pennsylvania.

Allegedly some of the furry kids wear costumes and outfits to dress as an animal for fun, including wearing tails to school. However, some furries exhibit aggressive behavior and have been compared to holding an ideology similar to LGBT or antifa groups, but they instead choose to identify as animals.

According to the Cumberland Valley parent, their child came home from school and said, “Dad, the furries see me in the hallway and call me a dumb straight white boy,” but he can’t make sense of it because the furries are also white kids.

There’s more at the link.

Furries?  In school?  Are these people that crazy?  Well, yes, obviously they are, if the above report is correct, but . . . really!  Kids are at school to learn, not to pretend to be something they aren’t!  (Also, the furry lifestyle can go way beyond just “kids who believe they are animals”.  Some furries are all the way into furry-as-sexuality kink.  One can only hope none of their ilk are at that school – but how can we be sure?)

I can only hope that, now this has been exposed, the parents of kids at that school will rise up in a body and demand that all this nonsense be stopped at once, if not sooner.  If they don’t, then the consequences for their kids are on their own heads, and they can’t blame gender extremists for taking advantage of their neglect.



  1. Take your kids out of public, government run schools today. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Today!

    Don't bother trying to work with school boards, administrators or teachers. Just take your kids out of school today.

    There are plenty of other options available at a heart beat that will provide actual education.

    Take your kids out of school today.

  2. As someone who used to be on the on the fringes of the furry fandom; it would be correct to say that it is mainly a sexual fetish with a fringe of non-sexual people. also has a big problem with grooming, pedophilia, bestiality, and oddly enough nazi roleplayers.

  3. I have said it before.

    They don't want tolerance, they want acceptance. The want to keep moving that overton window until they are nolonger the odd or the oddest.

    When the resources and lack of attention, or ineffectiveness of the abuse of normals stops working there will be a reckoning

  4. Wait… a kid being bullied by furries?
    I thought furries were to be bullied unto, by basically everybody non-furry. Truly, the world is turn'd upside-down this past year or so.

  5. Public schools were lost in 1971 or '72. That was the time that they threw away dress codes, and it became an "anything goes" zoo. I suspect that the position of "vice principal" went away soon after. He was the enforcer of civility and decorum on school property.

  6. Around 10-12 years ago my granddaughter had just risen to middle school here in Louisville. One day she came home talking about a boy in the school who would dress as a boy some days, as a girl some days, and as a raccoon (or something like that) on other days. When he was being a girl or a furry, the teachers were required to address him using the names he dictated. This was a dozen years ago, and I just assumed the kid had mental health issues and the parents apparently had the school administration over a barrel in some fashion. I never dreamed …

  7. During my days as a teacher, this was not an unknown thing. I drew the line when they told me that I was to use the pronouns and names that the kids demanded. I was also told that I was to encourage homosexuality amongst my students. I refused. I am no longer a teacher.


  8. Maybe I'm not getting it, but a 'trans-woman' should be sitting down to pee, whether or not they need to. Why be allowed to break character AFTER entering the bathroom?

  9. "A parent", "their".


    Gee, wouldn't want to assume the "gender" (ie: sex) of the "dad". It might be a birthing-person!

    …I hate this timeline.

  10. I say the schools exist to educate "human" children. If you are something else, you don't belong there.

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