Political correctness gone mad, yet again

A Christian doctor in England has apparently lost his job because he refused to acquiesce to politically correct nonsense.

Dr David Mackereth, 56, claims he was sacked as a disability benefits assessor by the Department of Work and Pensions over his religious beliefs.

The father-of-four alleges he was asked in a conversation with a line manager: “If you have a man six foot tall with a beard who says he wants to be addressed as ‘she’ and ‘Mrs’, would you do that?”

Dr Mackereth, an evangelist who now works as an emergency doctor in Shropshire, claims his contract was then terminated over his refusal to use transgendered pronouns.

He argues that he was dismissed “not because of any realistic concerns over the rights and sensitivities of transgender individuals, but because of my refusal to make an abstract ideological pledge”.

The doctor is now suing the government at an employment tribunal for discrimination on the grounds of his religious belief.

There’s more at the link.

Frankly, I think the good doctor is arguing along the wrong lines.  He may feel that his religious beliefs are being discriminated against, but even worse than that, scientific fact is being discriminated against as well.  As we’ve discussed several times before on this blog (most recently just last month), one’s sex is determined by chromosomes, not by feelings.  It doesn’t matter how much one “feels like” or “wants to be” a different gender than one’s physical sex;  the chromosomes are the final and ultimate arbiter.  That’s the plain and simple truth of the matter, and all the waffle in the world about gender being different from sex, or psychological and/or psychiatric factors being determinants of one’s gender, won’t change that.  Science is science.  Facts are facts.  Chromosomes are chromosomes.  Ain’t no arguing with any of them, no matter how much some might wish to do so.

If I encountered “a man six foot tall with a beard who says he wants to be addressed as ‘she’ and ‘Mrs’,” my immediate response would be to refer them for psychiatric evaluation and mental health intervention.  Medical and scientific reality demands no less.



  1. Let's say that I believe myself to be a gorilla. No matter how strongly I believe it, I am still not a gorilla.
    Let's say that I take pills to make myself grow more hair to look more like a gorilla. I am still not a gorilla.
    If I hire a surgeon to perform an operation to make myself look more like a gorilla, I am still not a gorilla.
    If I get a million people to say that I can be whatever I identify myself as, and declare than I am a gorilla, I am still not a gorilla.

    If I were to believe myself to be a gorilla and took the steps above, people would say I am crazy.

    Why doesn't the same thing go for trannies? Just because you think that you are a woman doesn't make you a woman, it makes you crazy.

  2. I believe that the real issue isn't just whether a doctor will humor a patient's gender dysphoria, but rather would that doctor ignore reality and provide treatment based on the patient's preferred gender.
    Wasn't there a recent case in GB where an ER patient checked in representing as male and it took some time to determine that their problem was complications due to pregnancy?
    What does a doctor do when a genetic male demands they receive a mammogram and pap smear? Or be placed on birth control?

  3. Uncle Lar – only one of the demands is valid no matter what sex the good Lord blessed you with, and that is a mammogram, as both genders are susceptible to breast cancer.

    On a lighter note, I can think of a pretty invasive exam to use a speculum on a male. I would think scraping the lining of the said orifice should cause him to ponder his mental health issues.

  4. Another example of why the UK has gone down too far the drain to recover. Wrong-think being punished.

  5. Following another decision in the UK High Court this week, he would probably "easily" fight it & win. Felix Ngole was kicked out of his Sheffield University Social Work course & barred from being registered as a social worker for historical FB posts critical of homosexuality. The High Court ruled that comment does not equal discrimination, and that the University's actions & position on the matter were untenable.

    The Court also ruled that, were the University's stance to be upheld, no person in the UK could express religious beliefs in any context or forum without also voiding their professional registration of any type – medical, law, trades, etc, etc.

    Sounds like there may still be a few adults in the room over there.

    Unfortunately, it has taken Ngole 4 years to fight it this far. That's a long time to be away from a course of study & I suspect it's unlikely he would be given credit for study undertaken so far towards his degree by either Sheffield or any other Uni.

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