1. The madness spreads…

    We are living through the Fall of the worlds greatest civilization, being brought down by the very people to whom it benefited most.

    The insanity must likewise be as monumental.

    Being sane and observant in these days is a curse.

  2. The sooner we get off the crazy bus, the better. Biology trumps feelings, and *nothing* is ever free. I'd rather my tax dollars went toward meeting urgent, physical needs than things like this. o.O

  3. Toilet paper is an even greater neccessity considering that the entire population, not just half, require it. I would also posit that the average American female uses more of it than the average American male.

    No one is crying (yet)at this inequality or that it should be provided free of charge.

  4. When the term, Political Correctness is used, do this.
    Every time the term, P.C. in all its guises, is used, alter Political Correctness to read, Personal Cowardice.
    It does wondrous things to many conversations.

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