Political correctness might get you killed

I note with displeasure that a very accurate study of radical Islamic influence in the USA – specifically, in New York City – has become yet another victim of political correctness.

The NYPD has … censored an anti-terror handbook to appease offended Muslims, even though it has accurately predicted radicalization patterns in recent “homegrown” terror cases. Rank-and-file NYPD officers, detectives and even intelligence and counterterrorism units are officially barred now from referring to the handbook or the scientific study on which it was based.

Former law-enforcement officials fear its removal as a training tool may be hurting efforts to prevent terrorist activity, such as the vehicle-ramming attacks plaguing European cities.

“The report was extremely accurate on how the radicalization process works and what indicators to look for,” said Patrick Dunleavy, former deputy inspector general of the New York state prisons’ criminal-intelligence division, who also worked with the NYPD’s intelligence division for several years.

Mayor de Blasio agreed in January 2016 to purge the remarkably prescient police training guide “Radicalization in the West: The Homegrown Threat” to help settle a federal lawsuit filed by the ACLU and Muslim groups who claimed the NYPD’s anti-terror training discriminated against Muslims.

Written 10 years ago, the seminal NYPD report detailing the religious steps homegrown terrorists take toward radicalization is now more relevant than ever, with recent terror suspects closely following those steps. But in 2007, the same year the study was released, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) organized a protest against it, complaining it “casts suspicion on all US Muslims.” Even though federal law enforcement has long-shunned CAIR as a suspected terrorist front organization, “groups like CAIR were insistent on having it removed, and de Blasio caved into them,” Dunleavy said.

Under the city’s unusual settlement agreement, the NYPD as well as New York state agencies were forced to remove its 90-page anti-terror study — described by plaintiffs as “deeply flawed” and “inflammatory” — from databases and no longer rely on it “to open or extend investigations” into terrorist activities. Also, police must now commit to “mitigating the potential impact” of any counterterrorism investigation on the Muslim community.

. . .

“The bad guys know if police don’t know this stuff at the ground level, they win,” added [former FBI Agent John] Guandolo.

There’s more at the link.

The report is still available online from various sources – for example, here, or here, or here.  If you haven’t read it, I urge you to download a copy and do so.  It’s very informative.

I can confirm many of the report’s findings from my own experience, which is extensive.  It ranges from encounters (some of them armed) with mujahedin returning from Afghanistan, to organizations they founded or radicalized in South Africa such as Qibla and PAGAD, to contact with fundamentalist Islamists in US prisons when I served as a chaplain.  You can take the report as gospel.  It’s that good.  (In my opinion, it says a great deal about CAIR that it vehemently opposed the report from the start.  Draw your own conclusions.)

When police departments and sheriffs’ offices can’t train their people about how Islamic fundamentalist terrorism obtains and radicalizes its recruits, those agencies can’t function effectively in their communities to combat terrorism.  This politically correct nonsense can – and probably will – get people killed in due course.



  1. The FBI essentially did the same thing years ago (I think it predated the report referred to here).

    The courts would essentially have us think Amish and Muslims are equal societal risk.

  2. Is there not a statement in Exodus, b/n 13 and 16 I think, that makes a statement to the effect that there would be only one law in the Israelite's land? Can't find it. But it should apply to the U.S. – our Constitution, and NO SHARIA!

  3. Islam must undergo a reformation much as did Christianity. And they must denounce and suppress jihad everywhere it is being preached as it is antithetical to modern society. Should moderate Muslims continue to tacitly support their radical brethren the time is fast approaching where jihad shall meet a true secular Crusade.
    There is a joke going round where someone purportedly asked Gene Roddenberry why there were no Muslims in Star Treck. His answer: well you see it's set in the future.

  4. Uncle Lar:

    the problem with reformation is that by the time you remove all the objectionable content, there wouldn't be many pages between the covers of their book. And, most of those would be copyright, title, and such.

    That system is designed to appeal to the worst in humans, near as I can see from reading it. I don't think it is fixable.

  5. Hopefully it will be "Law Enforcement" who get killed as a result. Or their Masters.

    THEY are the filthy maggots doing this. Let them enjoy the fruits of their labors.

  6. I've noted before that musselmen commit mass murder at almost exactly the rate as diagnosed schitzophrentics.
    It seems to me that if one of those is a good reason to bar immigration and curtail any number of actual rights, then the other must be as well.

  7. If the government suspects that CAIR is a terrorist front, they should really investigate their suspicions, and if they are confirmed, imprison or expel (as legal and appropriate) everyone involved in it.

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