Political correctness takes money out of “woke” pockets


It seems that insisting on multiple genders and all the politically correct nonsense associated with that fad is costing people money in the workplace.  The Daily Mail reports:

City firms have been wrapped up in an equality row after it was revealed diversity proposals will allow companies to include transgender women in their gender roll calls.

Equality targets will require more than a thousand of Britain’s biggest companies to close the gender pay gap. 

But the proposals define a woman the same way as LGBTQ campaign group Stonewall rather than the way gender is usually recognised under UK law.

If they go ahead, companies can meet percentage targets by including transgender women as female in their self-reported data — despite them not necessarily facing the same discrimination relating to their sex.

There’s more at the link.

Thinking about it, that makes sense.  A male employee, lavishly compensated for good performance, decides he’s now a woman (or some sort of made-up gender), his (unchanged) income will probably be considerably higher than the average female compensation.  By law, he has to be identified as the gender (or whatever) with which he identifies . . . so, all of a sudden, the average income for that gender is skewed by his higher income relative to the rest of the people so classified.  That might mean that increased pay to close the “gender gap” won’t be forthcoming.

I won’t lose any sleep over this.  I just find it funny.  The politically correct, with their insistence that the rest of us take their concerns seriously, have painted themselves into a corner over this issue.  Fine.  Let them solve it – and leave the rest of us alone.



  1. This idiocy is the logical conclusion of what they are doing and has been forecast for years by astute observers.

    It reminds me of the college student who chose "Your Majesty" as his preferred pronoun; his woke professors have to call him by it !

  2. They don't care about the monetary loss.

    And anyone overly concerned about profits is simply paying homage to Mammon rather than Moloch.

  3. A great many if them don't understand how to make money, especally at listed corps. who generate much of their value from the stock price. They assumed, correctly, that it would hurt smaller competitors and political undesirables.

    The crocodile is getting to them now and they don't know what to do.

  4. Oh, they'll never leave us alone. They don't know how.

    The right: "You leave me alone and I'll leave you alone."
    The left: "No."

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