1. Chuck Norris is an SJW.

    Yep, I said it,

    For proof, all you need to do is watch a few episodes of his show "Walker, Texas Ranger".

    In that show, almost every villain is a white male or a gang of white males, some of whom are what I call "bad guy capitalists". You know, guys in suits, corporate types on the take. And some of the villains are also obvious racists flying the Confederate flag and talking with a heavy southern or Texas twang.

    You never see a black or Hispanic criminal on that show even though it takes place in and around Dallas.

    The victims, on the other hand, are almost always disadvantaged minorities, children, or that blonde district attorney he dates.

  2. What hypocrites those feminists are!!
    Whenever I've ever attended a Feminist Rally all I ever came back with was a guilty conscience and a sense of humiliation over the way I was born.

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