Potential problems with Dominion electoral software?


Lou Dobbs interviewed Rudy Giuliani yesterday, and asked about some of the problems being uncovered with the Dominion election software used in many states.  The answers are potentially damning, if true – and so far there’s a lot of evidence out there that appears to confirm them.

Watch the interview for yourselves.  If it’s taken down from YouTube, you’ll find it on the Fox Business Web site.

Food for thought, no?

I’m aware that some will regard Giuliani as a partisan political hack, and dismiss Lou Dobbs as a conservative correspondent.  That’s their right.  Nevertheless, one doesn’t achieve the status that either man has attained without getting an awful lot of things right over the years.  In particular, Giuliani’s legal career commands respect from any impartial observer.  I’m willing to believe that there’s fire behind the smoke they’re reporting.  I don’t think either of them would stick out their necks to that extent if there wasn’t, for fear that events would prove them wrong.

This will bear watching.



  1. The problem is that too many wouldn't believe it if they saw people unloading ballots at 4 AM. Oh, wait, we have that on video and people STILL don't believe it.

    Yuri was right.

  2. we still might see TNN (Trump News Network)to fill the niche left by Fox when they changed management. similar to when a radio station changes its format from country to rock and roll. we will see most of the conservative personalities leave. Fox is becoming just another MSM leftest, liberal, lunatic media. only thing holding them back is that they are making so much money, they can't change without killing the golden goose.

  3. Not much mention of the Democratic Iowa Caucus "app" fiasco at the start of this whole process.

    Seems to me changing the rules and methods and safeguards on that process is partly what made the results so unreliable and what Might have done Comrade Bernie out of the nomination.

    And possibly any one with empathy and mental ability to generalize might see why Trump supporters would be skeptical of new rules – Covid or otherwise- that might confuse, delay, and distort the collective will of the majority.

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