Pray for those trapped in Afghanistan


A friend of mine is trapped in Afghanistan at present, a couple of hundred miles from the airport in Kabul.  He can’t get there from where he is.  His only way out of the country is to reach one of its borders, on foot or by vehicle, through Taliban roadblocks and patrols looking for Westerners.  He’s not very confident that he’ll make it out.  (Understatement.)

Needless to say, this is bothering me more than somewhat. I’m just not up to blogging this morning, even a Saturday Snippet.

Please say a prayer for everyone trapped in Afghanistan at present, particularly families;  and pray that they may find a way out before it’s too late.  Some have already died, or worse (if you count your children being kidnapped by extremists and disappearing without trace as worse).  More will do so in the days and weeks ahead.  They aren’t only Americans, either.  There are citizens from twenty or more nations there right now.  Few of their home countries are making any attempt to get them out.

Give thanks to God that you’re not there right now.



  1. Peter,

    I will say a prayer for those trapped and abandoned. Especially the family members that got dragged along for a tour in hell.

    But I question any rational non-Afghan adult outside of the military who is willingly over there in that situation, after the troop draw-downs so close to the scheduled final withdraw this year.

    Every one I know who served in Afghanistan or Iraq and did tours, saw the writing on the wall. Same for those that got paid the big bucks for contracting. I have been in touch this week with three family members that served in country, that aren't surprised in the least. (Pissed off, but not surprised.)

    Our "government" that doesn't give a poop about it's own borders, constitution, or citizens in the States isn't going to care about some "little people" overseas. It's clear everyone not connected is disposable.

  2. Agreed. There was no reason to stay this past year if not in the military and under orders. Taking families there was foolhardy even in the best of times.

    May God protect everyone of good will there, and help them. May our Lord turn their plight to their good.

  3. I understand. I have a friend that was working as a contractor at Bagram when they shut it down. The 2 roads to Kabul was a no-go because of the Talibs. He made it across the country to Mazar-i-Sharif by last weekend with hopes to cross the northern border. I haven't heard any updates since he made it to the safe house in Mazar-i-Sharif.

  4. I have been praying for ALL trapped in Afghanistan. My first focus is Christians of what ever ilk both Western and Afghani because they will become Martyrs if the Taliban captures them. May they escape the Satanic Taliban but if they cannot may their martyrdom be blessed and they be given eternal life with our Lord. I pray for all the Westerners and other foreign peoples that they may escape as they too will be kill even if they are Muslim. I pray for all the Afghani Muslims that have worked for or with the Americans and other Forces for they too will be killed by the Taliban. The Taliban is Satanic Evil.

  5. @BillB

    At least most everyone understands the Taliban is evil. But we have a greater evil in this country.

  6. Prayers? Surely, without reservation.

    But the line that starts, "Play stupid games,…. " comes unbidden to the fore of my mind, along with Jesus' response to Satan himself in Mt. 4:7.

    Everybody wants to be a martyr, until it's time to do martyr stuff…

    Life is full of enough troubles right up the block without looking for them voluntarily 7000 miles from home. And some mistakes in life you don't get to make twice.

    Best wishes to any in similar circumstances, but their plight underlines the old adage about Getting Out Of Dodge:
    "Better to be 5 months' too early than 5 minutes too late."

  7. God bless your friend, Peter. I asked God to show your friend a way out.

    God bless you too. And the rest of us here in these times.

  8. @Chris Nelson

    I won't deny that. The Evil in these current times is enormous. That is probably because we can communicate so much better and see more of it.

  9. I am praying for everyone over there who believed they could trust the government (ours or theirs) when they were told "We'll get you out safely." I pray that they find safety, and if they cannot find safety that they find peace. And I pray that those responsible face the consequences in this life and the next.

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