Progress report for “Stoke The Flames Higher”

We’re one week into the launch of my latest novel, ‘Stoke The Flames Higher‘, and things are looking good!

As of a short while ago, its sales rank was #701 in the Kindle Store as a whole (out of 4,914,341 books, novellas, short stories and other electronic publications listed in the Kindle Store at the time of writing).

At that time, it ranked #4 in Hot New Releases – Military SF, #6 in Hot New Releases – Space Opera, and #11 in Hot New Releases – Science Fiction (overall).  On the Best Sellers lists (including all SF books ever published that are available on, it stood at #10 in Best Sellers – Military SF, #13 in Best Sellers – Space Opera, and #47 in Best Sellers – Science Fiction (overall).

All the above rankings change on an almost hourly basis, of course, depending on the most recent sales figures.  Nevertheless, I’m very happy to be so far up the rankings, particularly after an almost 18-month hiatus from military science fiction publishing due to health problems.  It’s great to know that my fan base is still strong.  Thank you all very much for your support.  I couldn’t do this without you!

So far the book has 26 reviews, only one of them negative.  If you’ve read it, but have not yet posted a review on, please do so.  It’s a huge help to me, in terms of letting new readers know what to expect and helping them to decide whether to buy the book themselves.  Thanks!



  1. I have greatly enjoyed the series. One thing that has bothered me though is the habit when calling on a radio of identifying the sending station before the receiving station. As you are former military, I Was wondering if this is how you were trained in South Africa, or if it is just novelistic (totally a word) licensee? In either case an enjoyable book the fully deserves the ranking that it has.

  2. My husband has bought & read the others in the series, but he really prefers paper books. Will there be a paper edition?

  3. @Elaine T: Yes, the print edition is in preparation. Look for it in January or February. Sorry about the delay, but that's unavoidable right now.

    Thanks for your interest! I hope he enjoys it as much as he has the first four in the series.

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