Propaganda debunked, followed by snark. What’s not to like?

Last Friday I mentioned the faux outrage of Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot and Congressional representative Bobby Rush over the fact that police had allegedly sheltered from riots in the latter’s office, and even had the temerity to eat his popcorn and drink his coffee while “doing nothing”.  Their public bitching was soon exposed as a lie.  The cops were assigned there as their duty station, and had been let in by one of the Congressman’s staff.  They erred only in eating and drinking the Congressman’s supplies – a very minor matter.  The very public complaint turned out to be nothing more than just another anti-police propaganda effort.

However, it’s produced a backlash.  There’s now a fundraiser to replace what the cops consumed, and also benefit the survivors of police who died on duty.  I can’t vouch for its authenticity, but previous contributors haven’t complained, and Second City Cop has also mentioned it, so here’s hoping it’s for real.

After days of being on their feet and left at various looted  locations of the City, these Officers had the audacity to not only sit down in the office, but to also eat the Congressman’s popcorn.  In a press release, the Congressman was appalled that they would dare eat his popcorn during a riot, however given his questionable spending practices in the past, one could deduce that tax payers most likely paid for that popcorn.

Since the Congressman is upset enough to hold a press conference to tell everyone that police officers ate his popcorn, we are raising funds to have a gigantic bag of popcorn sent to his office on behalf of the tax payers who most likely bought the original batch that the Officers ate.  A large bag from Walmart, which contains 175 cups of popcorn, is $57.98 with delivery.

Everything collected beyond the $57.98 will be donated to the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation, which supports the families of Officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice protecting this City and its citizens, yes even citizens such as Congressman Bobby Rush.  So please help replace Bobby’s precious popcorn so we don’t have to have our daytime television interrupted again, just  to listen to a grown man cry about popcorn.

There’s more at the link.

The organizer reports that the money for the popcorn was raised in less than an hour, so all further donations will go to the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation.

I’ve complained in the past about overreach on the part of the CPD, but this does seem like a worthy cause.  I guess I’ll be contributing, if only to wipe the smug, superior, self-satisfied expressions off the faces of Mayor Lightfoot and Congressman Rush.  Anyone care to join me?



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