1. We didn't always have these great things like punctuation and spaces. I have had fun sometimes in religious discussions online by explaining what the oldest Greek manuscripts of the New Testament were like–no lower-case letters (those didn't come in until after 700 AD), little punctuation, and no spaces between words. So in those old copies of the Bible, ITALLLOOKEDLIKETHISONLYGOINGONFORPAGESANDPAGES. I have a lot of respect for the scholars in the field of textual criticism who have studied those old manuscripts and worked things out. But the punctuation in our modern Bibles is the work of those textual scholars and the translators. Peter, as you have probably guessed by now, my original college degree was in Bible and theology. I made A's in NT Greek, and one of my professors worked on the original NIV Bible. But I do appreciate the work done to give us modern translations that are easier to read than the originals.

  2. As a side note, I heard an interview of Lynne Truss, on the radio a few years ago, in which she said that she had written the book before she ever heard "the panda joke" that furnished the title.

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