Putting their money where their mouth is – ammo version


I can only approve of the honest, forthright approach shown by Fenix Ammunition of Michigan.  At a time when many companies and conglomerates are trying to be as “woke” as possible, appealing to liberal buyers, Fenix is unashamedly catering to the opposite side of the political spectrum.  In a series of tweets yesterday, the company made its position clear.

Clearly, its attitude isn’t hurting its sales.  Also from yesterday:

Apparently the company loads ammo like crazy for a couple of weeks, to get to batches of 100,000.  Its customers are pre-registered for e-mail alerts when the next batch is ready for sale.  On the appointed day and time, the order book is opened, and customers shop online.  As the figures above show, it doesn’t last long!

I may have to throw some business their way (not that they need it), just to show my appreciation for their stance.  However, I’m not short of ammo, so perhaps I should leave it for those that are.



  1. I may have to check them out. Generally I use SGA though they've been dry of late. Midway recently had some IMI Razor Core available so I have some on the way.

  2. Just the use of "Kulak" is enough to know they mean business.

    And, yes, I agree with everything they say.

    Biden voters should cancel their personal health insurance and try to join an ACA plan.

    Biden voters should get rid of their gas cars and buy an electric, even if they live in the nether regions where no real electric service exists.

    Biden voters should put a sign in their yard that says they will not resist any assault or robbery or burglary or any other attack upon themselves.

    Biden voters also should put up a sign in their yard saying that they do not support the Constitution, therefore the authorities can enter as they please without a warrant, can house troops in the house, and well, basically do whatever they want.

    Biden voting males should immediately join female sports teams.

    And so forth and so on…

    You did it, you should suffer the consequences.

  3. We're all Kulaks now. And if you have silver or gold, the government will simply have their thugs kill you and take it.

  4. Biden voting males should immediate start dating obese women or better yet transweirdos to show their solidarity with this group of leftards.

  5. LL,
    Only if they know that you have silver and gold in the bouse. How did you buy it? With plastic or check? Tsk! Or with green paper cash? Do you have paper registered stocks? Or physical rounds and coins?

    President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist

  6. To be perfectly frank, in a time of such limited ammo availability, not selling to the "wrong" people isn't going to do a dime's worth of harm to the bottom line of an ammo company

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