1. My guess is that the baby's father drinks too much soy. Because that's the only explanation that makes any sense.

  2. I got access denied also…

    But to answer your question, he wouldn't be if it had happened in other states, but Minnesota is notorious for prosecuting people who use deadly force (even if justified), so you can blame the government for his non-underground location.

  3. To all those being denied access: I've no idea why. I just tried using the link, and also got the 'access denied' message: but when I loaded the same link in another browser, it worked fine. All I can suggest is, try it like that and see if it works.

  4. I got access denied with Pale Moon browser, but it worked fine in Iron browser.

    If only we lived in a deterministic universe!

  5. Maybe an ad-blocker-blocker?
    I clicked the link in Firefox this morning, and then again just a moment ago, and got the error message.
    Pasting the link into Chrome (no ad-blocker installed) worked.

    And now that I've seen the article… GAAAAAH! Some creatures are entirely outside my comprehension. I'd question whether it qualifies as human, but I can't think of any species for which the alleged behavior makes any sense.

  6. I wouldn't mind flying up there for the weekend. Minnesota is nice this time of year. Renting a car, picking up some duct tape, nails, and plastic tarps at Home Depot or Lowes, heading over to his place, and waiting him out. Taser him when he goes for the mail, or to see his dealer and throwing him in the trunk…A short drive to the countryside should do. Find a nice tree and wrap his body in concertina wire, tie one end to the tree, and another to the bumper and slowly drive away from the tree. I think that should do it.

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