Quick road trip

Miss D. and I are heading to Amarillo, where we’ll meet up with Alma Boykin for supper, then speak to her class tomorrow about the realities of history in Africa (as opposed to their textbook’s somewhat rose-colored portrayal of it).

I’ll try to post to the blog again tonight, and perhaps tomorrow morning.  Regular service will be resumed tomorrow evening.  Meanwhile, I’d be grateful for your prayers for traveling mercy (those of you that way inclined).



  1. Safe travels. That class of her's will receive a treasure tomorrow – even if it takes some of them years to comprehend the value.

  2. From what I have read in strategy page there has been a huge amount of death in the Congo that has not been reported. Tribalism and corruption seem to be issues in most of Africa. Morroco seems to be in the best shape. There is the Christian / Islam issues going through much of Africa, with a huge growth in Christianity. Wahabism, with its special breed of intolerance, replacing the local version of Islam due to Gulf funding. Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) went from being the bread basket of Africa, to the sorry state it is now. My Grandparents had friends there. And what has not been talked about much, is the flow of refugees to Europe through Libya. As well as the growth of Isis and Al Queda in Africa. The population size of Nigeria is not well understood in the US.

    Another Anon

  3. May the traffic be light, the weather be sweet, and your bladder never want for a restroom unless one is nearby. Safe travels, good sir. Y'all have fun tonight and tomorrow. *grin*

  4. safe travels – can you make it to Palo Duro Canyon while you are up that way? (or did you do that nice little side trip when you were up at the Panhandle Plains Museum a while back?)

  5. Peter, would be great if I could get you to produce a modern history of South Africa. For some reason this area is interesting to me but I have no knowledge, only perceptions.
    Maybe a weekly blog post or better still a book.

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