1. Traditions (in any society) are simply iteratively-found local (sometimes global) optima. The catch is that the 'iterations' required the grinding up of human lives through trial, error, learning over countless generations. Hard-earned stability — and the earning of it was unimaginably hard — is not something to be thrown away on a whim.

    Trying to explain this to Woketards who know so much better than the Ancestral Area Under the Curve to mix metaphors into the Diesel in the tanks on their Chestertonian Fence busting bulldozers is, of course, a total waste of energy.

  2. FWIW, one of the things which worked very well in the past was sacrificing the undoubted genius of the very rarest of vanishingly small smart fraction Thomas Sowells for safe inner cities and neighbourhoods. Having him adorn the intellectual firmament is infinitesimally small minimal compensation for all the other destruction and misery that has been wrought by his ilk.

    Tradition is not cute and cuddly. It's not Norman Rockwell. It's What Works.

    And it's

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