Quote of the day

From Kurt Schlichter, who addresses the politically correct:

And then there is the systemic hate for my rigidly male monosexual identification and my pronounced pro-chick agenda. Too often those of you who are genderfluid deny the identity of those of us who are gendersolid.

Finally, it is time to reject society’s paradigm of unphallused privilege. This bias results in interlocking systems of domination that produce the conditions under which oppressed peoples like me are forced to live, and usually manifests in me getting called whenever someone needs help lifting something heavy.

Those of us who wield a penis demand that you cease your dehumanizing unmale gaze and validate the manly values that stand firm against your anti-testicular hegemony.

There’s more at the link.

Word!  Preach it, brother!



  1. That's righteous! I am going to forward it to everyone I know in honor of my son, an oppressed Phallo-American who, at 6' 4" and 270, does indeed get called whenever something heavy needs moved. Fight the power, large gentlemen!

  2. Peter, what is your view of the writwr's belief that a man with a cat is a woman? Are you feeling trans-sexual lately?

  3. I must share this! *cackling laughter* A toast! To exploding SJW skulls! Down with the Matriarchy! Etc. 😀 😛

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