1. Not a chainsaw for the faint of heart. Mine have served me well since I learned their quirks (they can be hard to start if you don't follow the right procedure). OTOH cutting 100 year-old fir stumps didn't slow em down even the stumps 12 feet across an 20 feet high.

  2. I learned an expensive lesson with my Stihl chainsaw — don't use pump gas! Pump gas has ethanol and it does a number on the saw's fuel system. So I buy the quarts of ethanol free gas mixed with oil. The saw always starts now. Yes it comes out to about $24 bucks a gallon or something, but it works.

  3. Hey, Crackpot,

    You lovingly service Gaia with a Husky, giving it some of that Viking loooove. Smooth, smooth loving. Taking care of the environment by renewing its resources in a smooth, smooth way.

    You rudely and enjoyably sodomize Gaia with a Stihl. Like a serial killer, laughing all the way, ha ha ha. Because you can. And you get paid for it.

    Both are remarkably different and wonderful to use in comparison to your standard BoxStore pieces of machine garbage.

  4. libertyman:

    If there are Chevron stations in your area, use that. They don't sell gasohol. Unadulterated pump gasoline. Cost about a dime more a gallon.

    If not, read the placard on the pumps in your area to see what it contains. I'm fairly sure the feds require that notice to be displayed on all pumps.

    My car runs very poorly on gasohol. Turbo Talon. I don't care how cheap gasohol might be, I don't put it in anything, now. That stuff is nothing but bad news and trouble.

  5. Stihl does make good stuff. Hard to get parts, so you are beholding to some 'outdoor equipment' ripoff artist.

    Echo makes good stuff too, and you can easily get parts for it – and you can get a parts diagram with actual part numbers. ONLY dealers can know the secrets of Stihl.

    I have two Stihl pieces of equipment, 5 from Echo. I never have problems with either anymore – except the occasional carb changeout (where did ZAMA carbs go? You can't get them anymore!!~!~ Just chinese garbage!) Rant.

    There are very few stations that sell ethanol free gas. You can buy it in quart cans – not cheap, but then neither is a tunup, and gasahol will wreck your equipment.

    Want to make some ethanol free gas? Get a couple of gallons of high-test gas (must be high octane!), add about 1 cup of water to the gas and shake vigorously. This will cause something called phase-separation, whereby all the alcohol will be taken out of the gas and suspended with the water. Go read about it – the proportions don't matter, a cup of water for a couple of gallons of gas should do the trick, but more water won't hurt, so I just use 1 cup water to 1 gallon gas.

    Here is a randomly selected youtube video. He gets it mostly right. Also a nice system. It is absolutely worth the minor pain of setting this up.


    Cap'n Jan

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