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From my blogger buddy Murphy’s Law, on how to deal with the professional agitators and social justice warriors (‘grassroots’, my ass!) protesting the North Dakota pipeline:

“… my ideal solution involves the use of Forest Service aerial water bombers on the next cold night and beatings and jail for every anarchist hippie up there, preferably in some work camp on our southern border where Sheriff Joe Arpaio will put them to work building President Trump’s new wall.”

But . . . but . . . you use brickbats to build a wall – not moonbats!



  1. Moonbats make terrible walls. They simply don't stack properly, the mortar doesn't adhere to them well, and they degrade far too rapidly, even in dry climates.

  2. Murphy has a good point, though, having the loonies build the wall will cost less than a union crew, and some otherwise non-productive members of society will get a lot of on the job training in construction skills. 😉

  3. Any wall built by SJW moonbats would have to rebuilt. I'm willing to bet silver bullion that less than 1% of them know how to use a level, swing a sledge (to drive a post into the ground, not to shatter a window or windshield) or have ever had a callous on their hands.


  4. My son is at that protest. The issues are more complex than you know and the already heavy handed response by the gov't isn't helping. He's not a hippie. He's a U.S. Marine veteran and your suggestion of beating and jail begs the question of his rights and what crime he is has been charged with that justifies this response.

    1. Felony trespass, vandalism, failure to disperse, resisting arrest, conspiracy, interfering with lawful commerce.

      The issues are terribly simple. Company has all permits, permissions,and rights to build a pipeline on land they are leasing from citizens and anIndian tribe. People who don't live there are interfering, on private property, with the construction of said pipeline because Oil Is Bad. They are in defiance of the wishes of the company, the property owner, the Indian tribe's leaders, the law, court orders, and the lawful and proper orders of law enforcement officers.

  5. I'm from up there. Let me just say this – If you've pissed off folks from North Dakota, you may just be an asshole.

  6. I like that water bomber idea. Add some tert-butyl mercaptan to the water, and you'd really have a winner, though you'd never get the smell off the plane.

  7. Of course they are in defiance. So were the Bundys and the Bundys were charged with federal conspiracy and weapons charges related to the protest in Oregon last winter. Only to be recently acquitted on all charges.


    Just because the gov't gets a charge brought doesn't mean guilt. The citizens in Concord in April of 1775 were in violation of the lawful gov't when they made their stand, too.

    In this case, I think the protesters picked the wrong issue, but the heavy handed response makes the situation worse.

  8. Your son may be up there, he may be among the peaceful protesters. But if you think trespassing, vandalism, burning other people's property, burning tires, throwing molotov cocktails and shooting at officers is peaceful you have a very different definition of the word than I. The protesters who blocked the pipeline construction and those that blocked the railroad tracks should be charged with domestic terrorism and sent to federal prison for a very long time.

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