Quote of the day


From Sarah Hoyt, on her blog:

We don’t need a national divorce. We already have that. We’re a separated couple, sharing the same house, avoiding each other at every chance and interpreting the noises we hear as being something exciting like rains of spiders or giving birth to snakes, when really the ex just slipped on a pool of cat vomit, and is now thudding around the house in a cast.

That’s not a bad description of our current political divide, if you ask me . . .



  1. Sarah has a wonderful way with words.
    Read her blog at According to Hoyt for more of this, and for intelligent, articulate, and courteously opinionated commenters.

  2. I actually grabbed the end of that blog and printed it out for posterity. Mostly for this line:

    "Because we're G-d's own bastard children, and we don't recognize the authority of these so called experts."

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