Raffle winners!

Thank you very much to everybody who donated in support of Andi’s medical treatment for a stroke.  We set a target of $25,000, and by yesterday (the deadline for contributions to qualify for our gun raffle) we’d raised over $18,500 – about 74% of our goal.  The fundraiser will continue, but without prizes, so if you’re feeling generous, we’d still like to reach $25K for Andi (shown below with her husband and sons).

For every $10 donated, donors were given one ‘ticket’ in a drawing for the prizes.  $50 got 6 tickets, $100 got 12, and so on.  Yesterday, winners were drawn using a random number generator (and yes, it really was random, because I didn’t get a prize, dammit!).  The full list may be found over at Old NFO’s place.

Congratulations to all the winners.  The first name drawn will choose his/her preferred prize;  then the next name will do likewise;  and so on down the list until everyone’s made their selection.  Firearms will be shipped to a dealer of the winner’s choice, for transfer according to US law and local regulations.

Thank you all again for your support.  $18K+ will pay for a lot of therapy, and Andi’s going to need it all.  You’ve made her, and her family’s, Christmas a whole lot merrier than it would otherwise have been!


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