Readers, I need your help – pretty please?

I was happily surprised to find that my first Western novel, ‘Brings The Lightning‘, has been nominated for the Conservative-Libertarian Fiction Alliance‘s Book of the Year contest for 2017.

This nomination came completely out of the blue, and needless to say, I’m very pleased by it.

Here’s where you come in.  Those nominated depend on their readers and fans to vote for them in the contest.  If you’ve read and enjoyed ‘Brings The Lightning’ – and if you consider it worthy of the award – would you please visit the survey page for the 2017 award, and vote for it?  I’ll be most grateful for your support.  Also, if you have your own blog or social media account(s), I’ll be very grateful if you’d please mention this competition there, and encourage your own readers to vote for me.  Voting closes at the end of March 2017.

I might add that there are some wonderful books nominated for this year’s award.  If you think one of them is a better candidate than mine, by all means, please vote for it.  You won’t offend me in the least by doing so!  Whoever wins this year’s competition will, I’m sure, be worthy of the accolade.

Thanks, friends.



  1. A lot of great books there, had to stop and think a bit before I voted. I ended up going your way based on the accessibility of your writing. While I truly loved Iron Chamber of Memory by John C. Wright it just isn't a book I can hand to someone to read. The same applies to several of the other books, excellent books but limited in their appeal to wider audiences.

    Anybody I hand Brings the Lightning to is going to be happy, western fan, gun geek or not.

  2. Done. Currently you're #1 with exactly 2x as many votes as next runner up. And while there were several other books I liked on this list, none of them were exactly books the author was taking a risk to write. Writing a western in 2016? That's audacious and bold, virtues I think Libertarians will appreciate.

  3. You have some good competition there, but I was able to vote for "Brings the Lightning" with a clear conscience.

  4. Done, this morning. My browser was acting up at the time, and I couldn't launch the comment window.

  5. Voted for you, struggled a bit with you or Ringo, but decided I liked Brings the Lightning more.

  6. Tossup between you and Ringo. Went with you as while Grunge is a fine romp, Brings The Lightning is truly enjoyable and rich with both action and history.
    Will note that once you vote the posted link does not allow you to return to see the latest rankings.

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