From Black House News, described on Twitter as “a Liberation News resource hub” (click the image to be taken to the source):

So looting, arson and general mayhem are now “acts of material liberation”, are they?  Well, if they try that in my area, the perpetrators are likely to be liberated from their material bodies by irate citizens – which is almost certainly why they haven’t tried it around here.  Apparently some “material” is too precious to risk “liberation” . . .



  1. Every time I have a nice evening sitting in the sun in my back yard with a glass of wine, the smoker running behind me, conversing with the neighbors…

    then I wake up the next morning and the left has got just a bit more crazy and I wonder again, how long can it last?

  2. Looting should not be filmed? Did ANYTHING ever come of the all the bricks that were stacked in different cities BEFORE the riots started?
    Nope… no one actually running things has any interest in justice.

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