Refusing to learn from reality

MSNBC (of all places!) had this rather illuminating discussion of why the Democratic Party is deep in the hole right now.

I was amazed that such a left-leaning mouthpiece would produce such an honest analysis.  Shows that even a blind pig can find an acorn once in a while, I guess.



  1. Perhaps.

    I personally think that a few journalists and media slobs have been hit by the clue bat hard enough to realize that without some kind of objectivity – they are going to end up trolling their viewership and readership and competing with the blogosphere – and they write better stuff for free. They HAVE to change or die.

  2. I find it amazing that none of the "news" media or party officials (mostly democratic, but republican too) even mention the underlaying issue: the lack of action they promise every election. They talk about "positioning" and the need to deliver correct message, in order to win the next election. They do not talk or act in a reasonable way to actually represent the people and do things to benefit the country.

    No wonder that Trump's promise to "drain the swamp" has resonated that well.

  3. That was an objective view of what is occurring in the Democratic Party as of late. Much of the same also describes the Republican Party – all talk, no action to actually improve the conditions of all Americans. Obama has focused on righting ONLY minority issues or 'moon bat rights' of LGBT, climate change, Black Lives Matter and alternative energy. Americans – they are already privileged who were left hanging in the wind.

    Both parties lost focus on the average Democrat / Republican which have difficulties of their own – and were being ignored. Trump connected with those people – and was rewarded with their vote in the primaries and presidential election.

    Why the Left didn't see Hillary's defeat – beats me. She had a lock on the Democratic nomination due to the super delegates, Bernie refused to back down and he was still getting a sizable portion of the vote, even when apparent she had already won. Bottom line – THEY JUST DID NOT WANT TO VOTE FOR HILLARY.

  4. I predict that when people point out MSNBC is biased, they'll point to this video as a way of saying, "see? we criticize Democrats, too. We're balanced." That's the only reason it exists.

    Yes, you criticize Democrats. Once the election is over and it doesn't matter.

  5. In the clip, HRC says the Russians hacked "the electoral process," not her unsecured server. That's by design – I can't believe the number of people I've talked to that believe that Russia actually hacked and tampered with the vote tallying computers! And they won't be set straight – "no, they said on the news that…" (insert eye roll smiley here)

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