Remember my warning about cops being targeted?


I wrote recently about how police were targeted in Africa if they failed to enforce the law impartially and in a non-partisan way.  Now comes news that in Mexico, police are being targeted for daring to enforce the law at all.

Mexican drug cartel members have recently taken to targeting police officers in their homes — then torturing and killing them, according to a disturbing new report.

The Jalisco cartel has vowed to wipe out members of an elite law enforcement force known as the Tactical Group in the central Mexican state of Guanajuato, the Associated Press reported Sunday.

The cartel even had a banner printed up and hung from a building in Guanajuato city that declared: “If you want war, you’ll get a war. We have already shown that we know where you are. We are coming for all of you.”

“For each member of our firm (CJNG) that you arrest, we are going to kill two of your Tacticals, wherever they are, at their homes, in their patrol vehicles,” the message continued, referring to the cartel by its Spanish initials.

The cartel started kidnapping members of the Tactical Group and torturing them into giving up the names and addresses of their fellow officers, according to the AP.

There’s more at the link.

Read that report in the light of President Biden’s proposed budget, which defunds almost all security measures and immigration enforcement along our border with Mexico.  Among those taking advantage of the Democratic Party’s destructive intent to supplant indigenous American voters with illegal aliens, whom they assume will vote for the party that lets them in, we can confidently expect to find large numbers of cartel members and drug smugglers.  How long will it be before they begin targeting American law enforcement agencies and officers in the same blatant, in-your-face way as the Jalisco cartel in Mexico?

The common Mexican cartel challenge of plata o plomo – “silver or lead” – is already prevalent in some areas of America.  Several law enforcement agencies along and near the Mexican border have seen the arrest of some officers for taking bribes to allow cartel members and their drugs into this country.  Examples include (but are far from limited to):

I daresay we’ll see a lot more of that, if the alternative is the deliberate targeting of officers and their families at their homes.

Don’t just read news reports like that – think of what they might mean to your safety and security in your own areas, particularly if they’re over and above the possible politicized corruption of local, regional and national law enforcement and prosecutorial functions.  Take steps accordingly.



  1. Drug cartels have been targeting police and military members that specifically engage in drug enforcements for decades. That is the primary reason that all of the Federales and Marinos doing drug busts have worn face masks since the late 80's.

  2. As to the corruption problem: It really began to be exacerbated with the "Bush push" back in his tenure. Thousands of new employees and very little background investigations on them. With an agency population of 20,000 Border Patrol Agents and thousands more in Customs and Border Protection combined with a low threshold for background investigations, troubles were bound to arise.
    And so now here we are.

  3. I just don't see any realistic way that we get out of this short of the US military stepping in and imposing limited martial law to allow real elections and then a Constitutional convention or convention of states to reclaim our liberties and reset the Constitutional order. As others have said, anyone who thinks we are voting our way out of this is delusional. The US is already in the grip of criminal gangs masquerading as political parties, media, tech, and bureaucracy. If the military fails, it will come down to states making a last stand. Spain 1930s.

  4. Just wondering if you have dropped the Maxwell series or if you plan on completing it ? I mean.. It has been 5 years since the last book was released

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