Remember, the news media are in lockstep with each other and are NOT independent


Anyone with half a working brain cell knows that our news media are politicized, biased, and untrustworthy.  What few keep in mind is that they’re controlled by a very few corporations and individuals.  Do please follow those two links.  You’ll be astonished at the intricate web of control they exercise.

The result is that almost our entire news media parrot the same “party line” when it comes to current events, US politics, and anything affecting our nation.  They aren’t reporting independently.  They’re tightly controlled.  A number of video clips have been put together over the years, showing local TV stations all saying the same thing, word for word, when it comes to important issues.  Here’s one of them.  Watch, and learn.

So, when it comes to current events and what they mean, don’t trust the news media to tell you, because the odds are that they won’t.  Instead, they’ll try to overwhelm you with one-sided propaganda, brainwash you with carefully edited reporting, and talk about anything but the facts.  They broadcast mainly opinion about the news rather than the news itself.  They also carefully leave out of the “news” anything that might reflect negatively on those who control them, or on policies that their controllers want and support.  (Witness the massive media push for COVID-19 vaccinations and mandatory mask policies, despite overwhelming scientific, medical and demographic evidence that neither are effective.  It’s as if that evidence doesn’t exist, because they never mention it except to debunk it in passing.  The truth is not in them.)

It’s up to each of us to do our own research about the events of the day and what they truly mean.  If we don’t, we’re at the mercy of our corrupt, slanted, one-sided media.  They’ll manipulate us mercilessly to do what their corporate and oligarch masters want.



  1. Great article. I would also submit that the words they use are designed to influence your opinion without actually saying so. Example: The 1/6 "coup attempt".

  2. I agree completely with your message.

    Isn't this a little hyperbolic though – the example of synchronized commentary from a common script is not conspiratorial – it's not from a collection of legacy MSM sources – its from a collection of syndicated television stations with a common owner. The owner of the various stations legitimately has the right to air editorial commentary on his own news stations. It's not like this was put into distribution from Central Control at the Democratic Party.

    The example is very effective at showing the phoniness of TV news though. We don't have journalists and weathermen anymore – just paid actors.

  3. I was always amused when Rush would run montages of the media all saying the same thing.

    You'd think they would find a thesaurus someplace to make it less obvious. I gather that most people would only watch one or two outlets and would never make the connection

  4. Nowadays I don't get out much; didn't BC either. Just the last couple of days I've had to, and it amazes me how many folks are sick of the Coronium (the BS emanating from the whole circus).

    It helps that I wear an industrial breathing apparatus (Draeger 3500 twin filter mask; my reading glasses never fog and I breathe almost as well as no mask, unlike the 'Ronapanties).

    Somehow my peculiar mask emboldens folks to speak their mind: it is obvious I'm unusual (strange/weird/amusing). Even here in Germany, folks are nearing Had Enough. Time to worry, because Germans have proven they can go from Weimar to Dachau in a year, and full Auschwitz in 7. TPB know this, and are prepared for resistance. Two sets of opposing gloves are going to come off, and The Bible informs us it will be the Worst Time Ever…consider the upcoming Festivus to be the distilled and refined nastiness of all the ages, perfected for the endgame.

    Train yourselves to read between the lines; the enemy divulges much even amidst the lies, or what is left out.

  5. Some moron on twitter – checks, Cenk Uygar – had a whole thread about how bad it was that no one trusted the "corporate media" anymore. Lots of people responded with variations of "Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me" and related commentary.

    I mean it used to be just the Gell-Mann amnesia effect (i.e. that the journos don't know anything) but this century it has become clear that it goes beyond ignorance to deliberate lies and obfuscations.

  6. i quit trusting the media twenty years ago when i switched between all three local news channels and they were literally in sink, not just word for word but at the exact same time. there was an antitrust law prohibiting one entity from owning too many media outlets in the same area to prevent just what we have now, but somehow that got put aside.

  7. I despise, detest, and TOTALLY DISTRUST the "media". It/they Liiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee to us. And the media sleep in Democrat beds. It's incest allll the way dowwwwwwwwnnn.

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