Remember our Glock raffle!


Just a quick reminder that our raffle for a Glock pistol and reflex sight (possibly two Glocks, depending on number of entries) has only 26 days left to run.  It closes on July 20th.  Details are at this blog post.

I haven’t received many entries as yet, but that’s usually the way with these things.  People put off entering until closer to the deadline.  However, that brings with it another complication.  I get entries arriving late, after the deadline, and in all honesty I can’t enter them into the drawing.  Last time I returned four to the senders because of that.  I suggest that if you want to enter, you get your entry in well before the deadline.  Right now, the USPS’s delivery times are “flexible”, to put it mildly;  I get some mail a day or two after it’s posted, while some takes ten days to two weeks to reach me.

To those who’ve entered previous raffles, thank you very much for your support.  It’s helped me pay off medical and other bills and “clear my yardarm”, financially speaking – no small thing, in these troubled economic times.  There are a few left, which is what this pistol raffle is all about.  Hopefully, it’ll be the last this year, because I’ll have caught up with myself.

I appreciate all of you, and the good wishes many of you have sent.  Thanks a ton!



  1. @Dreadnaught: AFAIK, the Glock range of pistols is legal in California, but I'm not a lawyer. I suggest you check with a local gun store about that. If they can legally receive it from me and put it through their books, you should be good to go. If not, and if you should win the raffle, I'll provide the equivalent cash value to the gun, so you can buy one that's CA-approved.

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