Remembering the Easter Rising

One hundred years ago, during Easter Week of 1916, the so-called ‘Easter Rising‘ began.  It was an armed rebellion attempting to free Ireland from British rule.

It was probably inevitable, given the tormented history of the English and Irish peoples stretching back over many centuries.  Nevertheless, it left a lasting bitterness, and led directly to the Irish War of Independence a few years later.  That, in turn, led to the partition of Ireland and gave rise to the Troubles in Northern Ireland in more recent years.

Let’s remember all who died, on whatever side.  There were few men of genuine goodwill willing to seek honorable solutions.  Fanaticism reigned supreme, and its bitter fruit is still with us today.


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  1. Yes, Peter, let's remember the innocents butchered in the name of Irish Republicanism and celebrate the hundredth anniversary of a traitorous uprising and the start of a country founded on terrorism by terrorists. As someone who lost friends and family to their actions, as someone they tried to murder, forgive me if I don't join in any celebration.

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