Remind me never to take that Nepalese bus . . .

Some driving experiences are not for the faint-hearted . . . including this one from Nepal.  The driver and passengers seem to take it in their stride, but if I’d been aboard, I’d have had immense problems afterwards getting the seat cushion out of my backside!



  1. It only takes six inches of water to float a car enough to lose traction. That was not a very big bus, and that was more than six inches of swift water going over the edge. I would say they are all just very lucky.

  2. What WP said. These people are nuts.

    It's why the national Weatheer Service does the "Turn around, don't drown" campaign every year.

  3. I like that that's the only part of the road that's paved. Apparently, they figure they've engineered for the water and it's good to go. I suspect water on the road is small potatoes in there world.

  4. They should take this stretch off the bus route.
    Taking the long way is probably much safer.
    And I see highway maintenance is obviously not a high priority in Nepal.

  5. Tal, in many places, if the road in not usable, you have no alternative routes that are practical. My sister used to have property in Big Sur, CA. Landslides on Rt#1 could turn a 20 minute drive to the supermarket into an all day safari through the mountains on unpaved tracks. That road could be closed for many months at a time.

  6. Well, Will, in a case like that make sure you only purchase non-perishables, as anything frozen or requiring refrigeration would surely be spoiled by the time you guys made it back home.

  7. Holy $#|+! Mebbe that's why the Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama) was born in that country, and also why Buddhists don't believe in a Gawd…

  8. I think I can see the rigging for a paraglider in a bit of that video.
    In Arizona, we get people killed on relatively flat ground fording washes after a rain.

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