Rep. Thomas Massie for the win


Two spot-on tweets from the representative for Kentucky’s 4th Congressional district.  Click either image for a larger view.

Short, pithy and to the point.  I wish more politicians would follow his example, and be as realistic about current events.

Now that more than half the Members of the Canadian Parliament have voted to support Prime Minister Trudeau (a.k.a. “Mini-Me Castreau”) in his assumption of emergency powers, they might do well to read the second tweet above and ponder it.  I suspect a number of them won’t retain their seats at the next election, because their constituents will be keeping it firmly in mind.



  1. In there is an assumption that an election will be held.

    Might just be too 'emergencee' for an election at that time.

  2. Since this is Canada we're talking about (the Dominion of Canada) I assumed they would be using Dominion software. After a little DuckDuckGo-ing, I learned they only use paper ballots and count by hand in front of witnesses, or so they claim. When is their next election? We shall see.

  3. Many think the next election will be as free and fair as the last one. The left are counting on it, or at least will be counting the votes.

  4. Why should Big Brother allow elections? Everyone knows that the evil, fascist truckers will just attack the polling places to deny the good people of Canada their rights. /sarc

  5. Notice that the Emergency Powers President Snow was granted by the Panem Parliament to prohibit demonstrations exclude Indian Nations, Refugees, and People of Colour. They still get to protest. Only enemies of the Party are prohibited from peaceful assembly.

  6. "I suspect a number of them won't retain their seats at the next election, because their constituents will be keeping it firmly in mind."

    IMHO of course, Trudolph could not win an election for dog catcher at this point. Which tells me that either:

    * He knows the elections are so rigged there's no chance of him being dislodged, or…

    * "Something" will happen that's such a crisis, likely worldwide, that any elections will be suspended. Temporarily of course.

  7. FOAF in ref "Shortages".
    Post on another Board:

    Got a note from a friend who works at Amazon in Las Vegas. Overnight, zero trucks arrived with deliveries.
    Prepare for more shortages.

    "They're HERE!!!! "
    "Da chickens are coming home to roost. Peter, you have been, perhaps, too polite about where we are heading at FLANK+ EMERGENCY Speed."

    Night DRIVER.

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