The reverse of vertigo

Yesterday I published an article titled “Vertigo in pictures!” It highlighted a few photographs (and linked to a site with many others) showing the view downward from some very tall buildings.

Here’s an opposite perspective: what some call ‘vertical panoramas’. They show a low-to-high perspective on buildings and scenery, usually taking several photographs and ‘stitching’ them together to form a single image. Twisted Sifter looked at this art form recently. Here are a couple of examples from their article, reduced in size to fit this blog.

Sagrada Família, Barcelona, Spain

Sultan Achmed Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

There are more at the link.

Also of interest is a Flickr photography group calling itself ‘Vertical Panoramic‘. Its members have posted hundreds of photographs in this genre. Here’s just one example: it’s titled ‘Torres‘ (Towers), and depicts two skyscrapers in Madrid, Spain.

There are many more images at the group’s Flickr page.

Fascinating stuff! I hope you enjoy this sort of creativity as much as I do.


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