Review: Seville Classics Stainless Steel Work Table

(A quick explanation:  I’ve often mentioned in these pages goods, services and items that I’ve found useful or worthwhile.  That’s sometimes led to questions from readers, asking for more information or where they can find the products concerned.  Accordingly, I’ve decided that on an irregular basis, I’ll write review articles here concerning products and services that have either greatly impressed or greatly annoyed me.  I hope you’ll find them useful.  I will never accept compensation or free product[s] for writing these reviews, even if they’re offered, so as to remain impartial.  This is the second article in the series, which you can follow by searching for the label ‘Product Reviews’.)

I’ve just assembled what I think is going to be an extremely useful work table.  I’ve been looking for something to serve as a gun cleaning bench, with storage for materials and range gear, but found that most of the work benches out there weren’t optimal for a small duplex – they were designed for workshops.  I ended up buying something versatile enough to be adapted for use in multiple environments.

The Seville Classics stainless steel work table is 49″ long by 24″ wide on top, although the legs and shelves beneath are only 18″ wide (making it easier to pull a stool or chair closer to the work surface if necessary).

The height is 35″ on the adjustable bases, or 39″ on the 4″ diameter heavy-duty lockable wheels (both options are included with the table – I’m using the wheels on mine).  The former is the same height as most kitchen counters, making this an ideal work extension for them;  the latter is a bit high for a normal desk or work chair, but fine for a taller stool.  I’ve got an adjustable-height office chair that I’ll simply raise to a more comfortable level.  Problem solved.

The table comes with only one shelf, but another one (or however many you want) can be ordered from the importer.  I ordered a second one.  (Wait until the extra shelf arrives before you begin to assemble the table, otherwise you’ll just have to disassemble the darn thing again to put the shelf in place!)

I’m going to cover the stainless steel work surface with something warmer to the touch, probably cork shelf liner or something similar;  then I’m going to use it as a gunsmithing and gun cleaning bench.  I have two large rubber-lined non-slip heavy-duty trays that I reserve for the disassembly and cleaning of firearms.  (They’ve saved me no end of heartache by keeping all the small parts together in one place where they can’t roll away and get lost.  They’re also immune to spills of solvent or lubricant, unlike some work surfaces.)  I’ll store them on the shelves, along with cleaning gear, tools, range equipment, targets, etc. – there should be enough space for up to 6 good-size storage containers.  I don’t have a ‘man cave’ in our present (relatively small) duplex, but I can wheel this into our storeroom with no trouble and bring it out as needed.  That’ll keep all my frequently-used shooting stuff in one place and out of the way.  When we move house again, the work table’s multiple shelves, heavy-duty wheels and weight capacity of 1,000 pounds will make it very useful as a sort of hand truck, narrow enough to maneuver through interior doorways and corridors with ease.  That versatility moves it from the merely ‘good’ to the ‘very useful’ category as far as I’m concerned.

If you’re short on work and storage space for kitchen or general handyman stuff, I highly recommend this unit.  The best price I found was at Sams Club, where it’s 20% cheaper than the importer’s price (although the latter is the only source, AFAIK, for extra shelves).  You can collect one at your nearest Sams Club, or order one online and have it shipped there for collection at the same price if the local store is out of stock.  It’s available elsewhere, too, but only at higher prices.  (As a commenter has noted, there are similar products in the food service industry, so shop around.)

All in all, a very useful item, and well made too.



  1. This equipment is widely used in the food service industry. Does it have dimensions that prevent you from using refrigerator racks/shelves readily acquired from any restaurant supply store?

  2. I wouldn't know – I don't work in that industry. The shelves are 18"x48", but you'd have to check the diameter of their sockets against that of the uprights to see whether they'd fit. Of course, there might be good alternatives to the entire work table from other manufacturers.

  3. I've got one. I like it. I mainly use it for kitchen related stuff, since I don't have much counter space in my kitchen.

  4. Lowes home improvement stores also carry various versions both shelving and tables. I have one that was used to store window air conditioners in my previous rental. Thankfully we have central air now and it is great for storing ammo cans on now.

  5. Hello, I just received this work table. It is wobbly after assembly. At first, I thought there maybe some missing part or instruction. But nothing seems wrong. Did you have the same problem? If so, how to FIX it? I love it and its affordable compared to the very expensive ones. I do not want to return it.

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