Rewarding illegal aliens for being here???

I’m mind-boggled by California Governor Gavin Newsom’s latest progressive tomfoolery.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced on Wednesday plans to give cash payments to adult immigrants living illegally in the state to help them weather the coronavirus crisis.

The plan, which would use a mix of taxpayer money and charitable donations from corporations and philanthropists, will give 150,000 adults $500 each during the coronavirus outbreak, the governor said.

California has had an estimated 2 million immigrants living in the country illegally. They have not been eligible for the $2.2 trillion stimulus package approved by Congress last month, which pledged cash payments to most Americans while boosting unemployment benefits by $600 per week.

. . .

Taxpayers would be kicking in $75 million for the money, while a group of charities has committed to raise another $50 million for a total of $125 million.

There’s more at the link.

So money legally seized extorted collected from taxpayers is to be used to fund illegal aliens?  That’s an absolute travesty of justice, no matter how one looks at it.

If a private charity or individual donor wishes to help such people, that’s fine with me.  It’s their money, and they can decide what to do with it.  However, for the state to forcibly take money from taxpayers, and then squander it on those who’ve flouted the laws of this country to be here . . . that’s iniquitous.

If I were a California taxpayer, I’d be filing a lawsuit over this.  Since I’m not, I can only fume from a distance.  Nevertheless, those of my readers in California might wish to take note of this.  The sooner you can leave that progressive hell-hole, the freer you’ll be in every way, politically and financially!



  1. Since they are illegal, what stops every actual citizen from getting in line and getting the same money, besides pride of course!?!?!? What no ID, of course, I'm here illegally and can't get one from fear of deportation. Here's your $$$ have a nice day!

  2. this is small pay. illegals get lots of $$$ from the feds and the states, also free college.
    they get housing assistance, EBT cards, etc.
    and in many states they get to vote in our elections and sit on city and county councils.

  3. The problem with leaving the state is if others follow you and try to turn your new home into California.

    Maybe instead of leaving it's time to stand and fight??

  4. They befouled their nest, they need to stay there and clean it up! Domestic and international immigrants bring their customs, culture and habits with them. Assimilation is a fairy tale. Visit Chinatown in any large city to see the proof. Or any barrio in the southwest USA…

  5. More and more often, I find myself, as time goes by, hearing a phrase my old Vietnam veteran first sergeant sometimes muttered…

    "SAT CONG…"

  6. And I'm sure the Democrats are baffled as to why many of us hate them so much. Not that Team R offers great prizes all the time, but you would think this is some bad optics especially when small business owners are having a tough time.

  7. Saw a supposed Tucker Carlson episode, on a bill in Congress called "the new way forward". Sponsored by AOC and 43 other dems, it would eliminate deportation for criminal behavior, and spend TAX DOLLARS TO BRING CRIMINAL DEPORTEES 'HOME',TO THE US. Source is one I dont recognize, if not legit it is a scary good bit of editing Tucker.

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