Road trip today. Blogging will resume tomorrow.


I’ve spent the weekend with a group of other North Texas Troublemakers in Amarillo, doing research for future books and collaborating on marketing and advertising efforts.  Tomorrow (Monday) we’ll be heading for home, traveling via Wellington in the Panhandle to visit the coffee shop of well-known cowboy chef Kent Rollins.

Sadly, having just got home from a great supper at Abuelo’s in Amarillo, I won’t have time to put up my regular blog posts.  I’ll get back to blogging on Tuesday, including a new edition of Memes That Made Me Laugh.

While I’m on the road, please amuse yourselves with the bloggers in the sidebar.  They write good, too!



  1. Oh, man! So jealous. I got one of his cookbooks last Christmas and have been a fan of his Youtube channel since.
    I'm hopeful for a Texas roadtrip this summer with the Mrs. The coffee shop has already been on my list.

  2. I wouldn't waste my time at the Big Texan. It's just a tourist trap. I worked there for a while back in the 70's. I would much rather eat at several of the BBQ joints there. They especially know how to do beef right. There are several other restaurants that are much better if you want steak.

    Don't get me wrong, there is some decent BBQ here in Kansas City, but most of the BBQ restaurants here are focused on their sauce, not on the meat. In Amarillo, there is more focus on the meat itself. Properly smoked meat doesn't require much if any sauce. It can stand on its own.

  3. I stopped at the Big Texan back in 2018 for a late lunch (230 or so).
    It was a good steak and I got to watch a guy do the 72 oz free steak challenge, he got the steak for free!
    I enjoyed the lunch and I'd put I-40 as the route again just to get to stop in Amarillo and visit the Big Texan.

    That 72 oz steak was a huge chunk of meat! Even the baked potato & shrimp cocktail looked good!

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