Robb Allen hits one out of the park

In a very worthwhile essay, fellow blogger Robb Allen points out that the ballot box alone won’t solve the mess we’ve made of this country. Here’s an excerpt from his article.

And to all of you – it doesn’t matter who you vote for. This is why Democracy is a failure as a method of governance.It is a moral failure to assume that voting equals action.

To the bleeding hearts, you gain no moral ground by demanding others expend their time, energy, and money on the causes you believe to be moral (and yes, that includes things like healthcare, food, and shelter). Simply handing a $20 over to someone isn’t the same as getting out there, finding the sick and needy, and doing something for them. When is the last time you went to a nursing home and volunteered to offset their costs by performing things like janitorial tasks or preparing food? When have you taken in a homeless person for a few days, given them food, clothing, and a safe place to sleep? Have you donated the money you would have spent on your Internet connection, cable TV, or that vacation you were going to take directly to someone with cancer and no insurance so that they can receive the treatment needed to stay alive?

Or did you just go fill in the circle next to a Democrat and walk away thinking “There. I’m a good person!”?

Oh, and conservatives and Libertarians, you don’t get out of it easy either. Electing ‘the right person’ is a moral cop out as well. Liberty isn’t gained by simply trying to put the right people in charge. Down that path you’ll simply find more of the same. No, liberty requires sacrifice. It means standing up and saying “No, I will risk arrest and imprisonment for defying these laws you claim to have authority to pass”. It means not giving money to the companies that receive federal dollars even if that means you have to not buy that new car / TV / mutual fund you wanted.

And education? It takes more than bitching about the school system to count. It means being an active part of your children’s education process. Even if you cannot afford a good private school, you can afford to take the time to instill the proper mindset into you kids. It’s hard because it means you have less time to hit the range, drive to the beach, or go boating. Join the PTA, become a thorn in the side of the educational-statists.

. . .

I am responsible for my actions and my inactions. If I do not extend my hand to help you, I deserve no better when I’m down on my luck. It is in my own selfish interest to help others. It is in my best interest to not allow the government to choose the winners and losers by granting them the authority to punish and reward those who help or hinder their campaigns. My life is easier when I expend the effort necessary to better my environment and community.

There’s much more at the link. Words of wisdom, and highly recommended reading.


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