Robert de Niro lays it on the line

Robert de Niro recently gave the graduation address at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.  He congratulated the graduates . . . then immediately told them “You’re f****d” (and yes, he used that word).  He went on to describe the challenges that lay ahead for them, and told them what their lives would be like.  It’s a remarkable testimony from one of our era’s foremost actors, and the most clear and concise description I’ve yet heard of an acting life.

If you, or anyone you love or know, has ambitions in that line, this is really worth listening to.  It’s sometimes very funny, but also very thought-provoking.

Nice to hear someone telling the plain, unvarnished truth with no sugar-coating.



  1. It would have done them some good BEFORE they wasted their education on the arts for someone to tell them that. Parents? Teachers? Guidance counselors? Celebrities? ANYONE?

    At graduation is a bit late to be of any help. And now is also not a good time for him to tell them that none the successful people in the arts who are in those great jobs are leaving any time soon, and none of them bothered to go to art school. They just went out and started creating and performing or got private tutors.

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