Safely home

We arrived home late yesterday afternoon, after about 18 hours on the road from Chattanooga (including stops here and there).  I was pretty exhausted, and flopped into bed to recover from the driving.  Turns out we beat Old NFO home – he flew United, and the airline monumentally screwed up his flights, so he ended up taking longer to fly here from Chattanooga than we did to drive!  He’s not a happy camper . . .

It was a good convention.  As always, it was wonderful to meet old friends, make some new ones, and catch up on all the gossip of the writing world.  I’m already looking forward to next year!

I’ll post again a little later this morning, once I’ve woken up properly.



  1. Safely home is always a good message to see.
    Saw you and that Klapp woman several times from a distance but we were always headed in opposite directions.
    Did have a good time at the indie workshop, though you two were missed. Old NFO, Daddy Bear, and John Van Stry did you proud, two hours of strategy and war stories about the adventures of indie.

    Congratulations by the way for now being an author for both Castalia and Baen as well as indie published.
    Though you may have multiple masters now I trust that Dot will remind you who the mistress of the organization is.

  2. United seems to have some real problems, and I would expect that most of them can be blamed on their corporate culture.
    The lack of response of various employees to watching one of their own knock down a customer, and the lying by the one who eventually dialed 911 for an ambulance for the unconscious man, speaks volumes.

    Every one of them within sight of that incident should have been fired for poor performance, at a minimum, and the aggressor should have been jailed immediately.

  3. Glad you had a safe trip home. I'd hate to have to wag my non-crooked fingers at you for having a more… adventurous journey.

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