Safely home

Miss D. and I got home (to our current home, at any rate) this afternoon, to be welcomed by an ecstatic cat.  Anyone would think we’d abandoned her to starvation and loneliness, rather than being regularly visited, played with and cared for by our friends.  She does a good ‘guilt trip’.

We’ve got a mammoth amount of work ahead of us until the end of January, organizing the purchase of our new home, sorting out a huge amount of “stuff” that we’re going to dispose of rather than take down (thereby de-cluttering ourselves usefully), and trying to maintain some semblance of order as well.  I need to have a book out before Christmas, God willing, so I’ll be working my trousers to the bone at my computer during the morning;  then afternoons and evenings will be spent on other, more mundane activities.

We’re also going to have to produce a financial worksheet for the next few months.  We’ll have to shell out big bucks for the deposit on our new home, our share of closing costs, moving expenses, and setting up on the other end, as well as our final provisional tax payment for 2014 (due in January) and our ordinary living expenses.  Our reserves are going to be used up completely by all this, I’m sure, because the hiatus in publishing during my kidney stone problems cost us a lot.  I may end up drawing on credit cards again for a month or two.  Still, I hope the next book will start to replenish our coffers.  We’d like to be back to normal, financially speaking, by the end of 2016.

Thanks again to everyone who kept us in their prayers.  We appreciate you.


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  1. Be grateful your cat forgives you eventually. Remember while dogs have masters, cats have staff. In these "booming economy" times it would be terrible to be fired and thrown out of the home they graciously allow you to provide them with. All of my owners have been very kind to me and I even get to read books, if I make sure the litter box is clean. Dan.

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