Safely in Tennessee

We made it to Dickson, TN today, where we’re overnighting at an hotel.  Tomorrow morning we have some business with a bank near Nashville, after which we’ll head for Chattanooga and LibertyCon.

It’s going to be a hectic arrival day.  We’ll get there around 1-2 pm local time (Chattanooga is on Eastern time, not Central, which we’ve used all the way from home to here).  I’ll drop Miss D. and Alma at the hotel, then I have to collect someone at the airport and bring them into town.  Later that evening there’s a meeting of authors involved in a current anthology project, which I’ll be attending.  The convention proper starts tomorrow afternoon.

It’s been a pleasant drive so far. We rented a Chrysler 300 “premium” sedan for the journey, which has proved to be very comfortable and surprisingly economical.  The only initial fly in the ointment was refueling it.  I couldn’t find the (electronic-only) fuel cap release for love or money – and would you believe the vehicle manual makes NO MENTION OF IT AT ALL???  For the love of Mike, surely, for the price of this upmarket sedan, someone could have proof-read the manual to make sure all the important information was included?  Alma did a quick search on her smartphone, and located the switch tucked inconspicuously towards the bottom of the driver’s door.  None of us had noticed it visually while looking for it.  Grrrr!!!

Traffic was light out of Texas, through Oklahoma, and the western half of Arkansas.  It began to build up heavily after Little Rock, and by the time we hit Tennessee there were a lot more trucks on the road.  I suspect it’s going to be pretty busy running down to Chattanooga tomorrow as well.  There are a few choke points on that route that are often backed up, as we’ve learned to our cost on earlier journeys.

More tomorrow morning, if I have time;  otherwise, I’ll post again from Chattanooga.



  1. Great news that the trip has gone well so far. I would love to be at this con, it seems superb.

  2. I just did that fuel cover search myself, for a M-Benz ML320 SUV. Turns out the switch/release IS the driver's door. It has to be open to unlock the gas cap door.

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