Salad on your feet?

I have no desire whatsoever to wear these things.

Introducing the “lettuce slide,” a crunchy riff on the ubiquitous Adidas sport sandals from vegan footwear brand Rombaut. The garden-variety wonders dispense with the classic striped band and instead stay on wearers’ feet with what appear to be crisp leaves of Boston bibb. Yum?

You’ll need plenty of green to get a pair: The limited-edition rubber kicks are going for $122 — enough to make many people choke on their salads.

. . .

If you don’t nab one of the 50 available pairs on the brand’s website, don’t lament: With Paris Fashion Week still in swing, Rombaut released a purple cabbage version at the city’s Dover Street Market Monday.

There’s more at the link.

So . . . what salad dressing should one wear with them – or would that make the slip-ons too slip-on-able?  The ancient Romans wore sandals most of the time, so would Caesar salad dressing be appropriate?  Will the associated croutons make them uncomfortable?  Inquiring minds want to know!



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