Saturday morning snippet: Time for a lot of laughs


Last week I came across two YouTube videos that had me rolling in the aisles.  They’re compilations of the greatest moments of comedy from the Pink Panther movie series, starring the late Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau, the bumbling detective who always creates mayhem and havoc, but somehow solves the crime anyway.

The first video is the general comedy of the series.  The second is every attack made on Clouseau by his manservant Cato (at Clouseau’s direction, to keep his reflexes sharp – sort of).  Together they add up to about an hour’s viewing, all of it side-splitting.  Enjoy!

A good laugh is good for the soul, and the comedy team from the Pink Panther series provided a lot of them – for which God bless them!  Most are no longer with us.  One hopes they’re still providing laughter and merriment in the next life.



  1. The content editor bungled the bank robbery scene. The entire interaction between Clousseau and the blind man is up there with "Who's On First"…

    "He is not my monkey. He does not tell me what music to play, and I don't tell him how to spend his money."

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